The mathematician of the Complutense University of Madrid, José-Vidal Ruiz Varela, argues that Europe must raise its borrowing limit, leaving its deflationary policy.
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France wants ECB to weaken euro vs. dollar: report

By MarketWatch
The euro's exchange rate against the U.S. dollar is too strong, and France wants the European Central Bank to adjust the rate, French Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg is quoted as saying in an interview of French daily newspaper Le Parisien
"Our European partners have to understand that opting for recession can't go on," he said. "The euro is too strong, and if it were 10% lower against the dollar we would increase our national wealth by 1.2%, create 120,000 jobs and reduce our deficit by 12 billion euros ($16.44 billion). If the euro went down by 20%, we would create 300,000 jobs and reduce our deficit by one-third," he said
Mr. Montebourg said France "is appealing to the European Central Bank to do what other governments do: to adjust the rates according to our interests
The euro is too expensive, too strong, and a bit too German
It should be a bit more Italian, French and basically more European," he said, adding that the French government is raising its voice to express its "irritation" and "impatience" with the European Union authorities in Brussels
On local issues, Mr. Montebourg said that French automotive group PSA Peugeot Citroen "is in severe difficulties."
But he noted that a recovery is possible, citing the example of U.S. auto maker General Motors , which is hiring people after declaring bankruptcy several years ago
The financially struggling company is mulling a capital injection that could see its Chinese partner Dongfeng Motor Co become a significant minority shareholder, and Mr. Montebourg assured that PSA "will remain French."

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