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The mathematician of the Complutense University of Madrid, José-Vidal Ruiz Varela, argues that Europe must raise its borrowing limit, leaving its deflationary policy.

Curso Intensivo de #BIGDATA

Curso Intensivo de #BIGDATA
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Clases Particulares para hacer crecer tu Negocio. #Bigdata #DesarrolloCognitivo

Clases Particulares para hacer crecer tu Negocio. #Bigdata #DesarrolloCognitivo
Profesor : José - Vidal Ruiz Varela

#Desarrollo #Cognitivo para Personas entre 15 y 65 años

#Desarrollo #Cognitivo para Personas entre 15 y 65 años
Profesor : José - Vidal Ruiz Varela

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miércoles, 19 de febrero de 2014

IMF says recovery is still weak as it sees risks

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch)
The economic recovery is still weak and significant downside risks remain, the International Monetary Fund said
Ahead of the G-20 meeting, the IMF said a new risk is deflation in the euro zone as it also warned of risks from capital outflows, depreciating currencies and higher interest rates in emerging countries                    

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WASHINGTON (MarketWatch)-- Dennis Lockhart, the president of the Atlanta Federal Reserve, said Wednesday that he still thinks the central bank will first hike short-term interest rates in the second half of 2015. In a speech at Mercer University, Lockhart said the central policy question facing the Fed is the "timing of the liftoff." He said only dramatic developments would cause the Fed to alter the pace of its steady reduction in asset purchases. The Fed has cut its asset purchases by $10 billion at each of the last two meetings and economists expect a similar move next month. Lockhart said the Fed's forward guidance was a work in progress. "The key criteria for a liftoff decision are a firming of inflation to near the FOMC's target of 2% and both a quantitative and qualitative closing of the employment gap," he said. Lockhart said he was "looking through" the spate of weak data since the beginning of the year and still expected sustained higher growth in 2014 as a whole dijo...

The International Monetary Fund on Wednesday issued its most detailed warning about the financial problems arising in emerging markets this year, saying some countries need to tighten monetary policy and make structural economic changes.

While the IMF noted a rise of harmful inflation in developing countries, it also said Europe is at risk for the opposite problem--deflation, in which prices fall in a spiral that can sap consumption and growth.

The IMF’s overall forecasts for global economic growth this year remained broadly the same, it said in a report aimed at a meeting of the Group of 20 industrial and developing nations taking place later this week in Australia.

The Washington-based global lending organization took aim directly at two developing economies in the G-20--India and Turkey.

Since the U.S. Federal Reserve said it planned to begin scaling back its bond-buying program starting in January, investors have fled emerging-markets assets. Concerns about China’s growth and improving prospects for developed economies contributed to the exodus. Recent weeks have been calmer, and shares in emerging markets have regained some ground in the past two weeks.

While many emerging market economies have suffered from investor pessimism, Argentina, Turkey, Ukraine and South Africa have been hit by investors who are skeptical about the ability of authorities to calm a mix of political and economic turmoil.

“On the monetary front, economies where inflation is still relatively high, or where policy credibility has come into question, need to continue tightening monetary policy in the context of strengthened policy frameworks,” the IMF said in its report. dijo...

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